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The development version is recommended

Poezio is a young and in heavy development software, that’s why you might not have the best experience by using one of the “stable” versions.
These versions are just snapshots made at some point where we felt that we added enough features and that no more known bugs were present. That doesn’t mean that they are more stable than the development version. Au contraire, the development version is better than all the others: more bugs where discovered and fixed, and many new cool features were added. So, if you want to have a good idea of what poezio currently is, please use the git version. This is the easiest way to just download it and test it immediately, without requiring any root access, since nothing will be installed on the system.
First install python 3.4 (and the -devel package associated with it), git, then enter the following in your console:

git clone git://git.poez.io/poezio # Or http://git.poez.io/poezio.git if you only have an http access
cd poezio

Then, you can use ./update.sh to update the sources and the dependencies, from time to time, if you want to test the new features, and be able to report bugs to us.

Alternatively, here are the more conventional downloads:
Use one of these links below to download poezio:

Latest version:
Download poezio 0.11

Older versions:
poezio version 0.10
poezio version 0.9
poezio version 0.8.1
poezio version 0.8
poezio version
poezio version
poezio version 0.7.5
poezio version 0.7.2
poezio version 0.7.1
poezio version 0.7
poezio version 0.6.2
poezio version 0.6.1
poezio version 0.5.1
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