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Poezio is a free console XMPP client (the protocol on which the Jabber IM network is built).

Its goal is to let you connect very easily (no account creation needed) to the network and join various chatrooms, immediately. It tries to look like the most famous IRC clients (weechat, irssi, etc). Many commands are identical and you won't be lost if you already know these clients. Configuration can be made in a configuration file or directly from the client.

You'll find the light, fast, geeky and anonymous spirit of IRC while using a new, powerful, standard and open protocol.

Do not hesitate to download the last stable version.

If you want to report a bug, ask for help or everything that is not ”download poezio” or “read the documentation”, do it on the forge.
Capture d'écran de poezio 0.6


October 9th 2016:
Poezio 0.10 has been released, and includes a lot of improvements, see mathieui’s blog or the changelog file for more details.

July 31th 2015:
Poezio 0.9 has been released. It now uses slixmpp, and includes a lot of other improvements, see mathieui’s blog or the changelog file for more details.

March 20th 2014:
Poezio 0.8.1 has been released. It fixes the build with python 3.4, there are no other changes.

Feb 22th 2014:
Poezio 0.8 has been released. Please update your packages according to the documentation.

August 8th 2012:
Poezio has been released. It’s just a maintainance release to synchronize poezio’s and SleekXMPP’s version.

May 25th 2012:
Poezio 0.7.5 has been released.

Oct 17th 2011:
Poezio is now using git. Please update your package, sources, scripts, etc.
If your are using the mercurial version, with the method described on the download page (and you should be), please redo the complete instructions, or you won’t be able to update the sources by keeping only the mercurial repository

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